2018 College Park Cafe

<b>2018</b> College Park Cafe

The Vigilantes convert an old College Park liquor store into the University of Maryland’s first specialty coffee shop

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2017 US Roaster Championship Top 5

<b>2017</b> US Roaster Championship Top 5

Vigilante Coffee takes 5th place at the United States Roaster Championship in Seattle, Washington

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2016 Hyattsville – Raising the Bar

<b>2016</b> Hyattsville – Raising the Bar

The Roastery is upgraded with a brand new coffee bar.  The crew & the neighborhood are stoked!

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2015 Hyattsville – Growing the Roastery

<b>2015</b> Hyattsville – Growing the Roastery

The roastery extends its hours to accommodate a growing customer base. The roastery also hosts events and teaches coffee classes

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2014 Hyattsville – Moving into the Roastery

<b>2014</b> Hyattsville – Moving into the Roastery

Vigilante Coffee establishes first permanent Roastery & Cafe in Hyattsville, MD

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2013 DC – Hogo

<b>2013</b> DC – Hogo

The Vigilantes introduce their 2nd Pop Up to the city of Washington D.C.   This Pop Up runs for over a year

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2012 DC – Mr Yogato

<b>2012</b> DC – Mr Yogato

Our first Pop Up inside a Yogurt shop.  This Pop Up runs for 6 months

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2011 DC – Basement Days

<b>2011</b> DC – Basement Days

Our first roasting facility was a 250 sq ft basement.  We roasted from here for 2 years.  Putting in our 10,000 hours of practice and honing our craft

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2010 DC – Farmer’s Market

<b>2010</b> DC – Farmer’s Market

Vigilante Coffee begins serving the Capitol Hill neighborhood every weekend at the Eastern Market

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2008 Hawaii – The Origin

<b>2008</b> Hawaii – The Origin

Picking cherries on the Big Island: Chris works with local coffee farmers in Hawaii, seed to cup

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