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Farmers Markets

Our company got its start selling small-batch roasts at local farmers markets.  And we still do it today.
The demand for transparent, traceable, and high-quality, artisan goods made farmers markets an obvious location for us to begin sharing our passion for coffee with the local community.   Not only do we share the same principles, but we also love the exciting, bustling vibe farmers markets provide while allowing the community to support small, local businesses.
Over the years, we've grown through and with these markets.  Many of the people and small businesses we work with today are the same people we met years ago at the markets, when all we had was a table, a couple of pour overs and a few pounds of coffee.  Currently, we are a staple at the famous Eastern Market with a full pop-up cafe in the Flea section each weekend.  
Here's where to find us:


 The Capitol Hill Flea Market (8AM-5PM)


Eastern Market  (10AM-5PM)

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