Kalita Wave

What You'll Need

Kalita Wave Dripper & Filters
Gooseneck kettle
Hot,Filtered Water (195-205 F)
Scale capable of measuring grams
Grinder (preferably a burr grinder)
22 grams fresh coffee

How to Do It

Rinse The Filter

Place a filter in your Kalita dripper.  Using hot water, rinse your filter. Dont forget to discard the water before brewing your cup!

Grind The Coffee

This method requires a medium  grind, like coarse sand.  We recommend burr grinders for consistency.


Prepare To Brew

Add the grounds to the filter and give them a little shake to level them out a bit.  Place the dripper on top of your mug, and tare your scale.  You’re now ready to brew!

Let It Bloom

Wet the grounds, adding about twice the weight of coffee in water. Let it chill for 30 seconds.  This process (called the “bloom”) releases CO2 from the beans and improves taste and consistency.

Finish The Pour & Serve

After the bloom, begin pouring again at a gentle, but steady rate.  We recommend following a spiral motion to ensure you cover each bit of coffee evenly.  Continue adding water in phases, never completely filling the dripper and only letting the extraction stop when the scale reaches 330g.


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