French Press

What You'll Need

French Press
Kettle or pot to heat water
Hot,Filtered Water (195-205 F)
Scale capable of measuring grams
Grinder (preferably a burr grinder)
Stirring device (if your press is made of glass, we recommend using a wooden paddle to stir)
42 g of fresh coffee

How to Do It

Grind The Coffee

This brewing method requires a coarse grind size.  We recommend burr grinders for consistency.

Prepare to Brew

Preheat your french press with hot water.  Discard water and wipe press dry.  Place your clean french press on the scale, add the freshly ground coffee, and zero out the scale.

Let It Bloom

Add 100g of hot water to the press & start the timer.  After 1 minute, stir the coffee gently, ensuring all grounds are evenly wet.  This process is called the “bloom” and removes undesirable CO2 from the slurry.

Finish The Pour

Finish adding the water until your scale reaches 675g.  Add the top to the press, keeping the plunger stem in the “up” position. Perfect time to enjoy some tunes while you prepare your cups. Preheat the cups for a better, longer experience.

Plunge & Serve

Using only the weight of your hand (no pressure), depress the plunger untill it reaches the bottom.  If more pressure is required to depress the plunger, your grind size is probably too fine.  Your coffee is now ready to serve.  Enjoy!

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