Sharing our passion for coffee by serving you handcrafted beverages at our cafes is only a very small part of specialty coffee; sharing it in small group sessions, answering questions, and helping guide you to your own coffee nirvana is where it’s really at for us.

Coffee should never be intimidating, so our classes keep it fun, interesting, informative, and (of course) delicious. All that’s left to do, is pick the course that’s right for you!

Vigilante Coffee cuppings are your way to explore coffee profiles, and find your favorite. Our cuppings are always free, and a great way for you to find your new favorite cup.

Eventbrite - Vigilante Coffee Cuppings

Learn the basic concepts of brewing coffee, get tips on how to instantly improve your home brewing, and practice brewing with a drip coffee machine.

Eventbrite - Coffee Brewing Basics

It’s in your cup each morning, but where was it before that?  Learn all about coffee from our farms to our roastery to your cup..  Includes a coffee tasting.

Eventbrite - Coffee: Seed to Cup

Learn & taste your way through espresso’s history, technology, brewing & grinding concepts, tamping, milk steaming and, latte art using state of the art equipment.

Eventbrite - Espresso A-Z

We all love a beautifully crafted espresso drink.  Here’s your chance to learn how it’s done!  Learn fundamental steaming and pouring techniques from our expert baristas.

Eventbrite - Latte Art Basics

Discover the evaluation of raw coffee (including coffee cupping), variables that affect specialty coffee roasting and gain a detailed overview of this very important craft. You’ll get hands on experience with our expert roasters and professional equipment and take home samples of the coffee roasted during the class.

Eventbrite - Intro to Specialty Coffee Roasting

Learn basic brewing concepts and learn specific techniques for brewing the French Press and Pour Over.

Eventbrite - Brewing Methods I

Apply basic brewing concepts & learn specific techniques for brewing with the Aeropress & Coffee Siphon.

Eventbrite - Brewing Methods II

Learn how to get the most from your home setup.  Learn the basic concepts of espresso and milk steaming and how to care for your equipment.

Eventbrite - Home Barista