Pura Vida: In Search of the Gesha

January 29, 2015 Chris Vigilante

Vigilante Coffee Sourcing Trip to Costa Rica We believe that the ability to serve truly spectacular things comes only from a thorough understanding of the product, where it comes from, and who made it. We’re heading to Costa Rica next week on a mission to find something spectacular.  And we’re going to learn everything we can about it so we can properly share it with you.   What’s so special waiting for us in Costa Rica?  Coffee, of course.  But not just any coffee.  A very specific varietal of coffee.  One whose name alone evokes mystery and exotic allure: gesha....

The Tin Lizzie Espresso

July 08, 2014 Chris Vigilante

“Tin Lizzie Espresso” We named our new espresso the Tin Lizzie, after the Model T Ford automobile.  Our new roastery is located in the Arts District of Hyattsville, MD, just outside of Northeast Washington D.C., where we got our start roasting coffee.  Our new digs used to house the Palmer Ford auto showroom, the first of it’s kind in Hyattsville in the 1920s.  Read more here to learn about the building and it’s history. (   Just as this was the first auto showroom in Hyattsville, so is Vigilante in becoming Hyattville's first 3rd wave coffee roastery.  Henry Ford said...

Sourcing Coffee in Puerto Rico

March 17, 2014 Chris Vigilante

Sourcing Coffee in Puerto Rico by Christopher Vigilante On February 9th 2014, I took a trip to Puerto Rico. I've known this island my entire life, but only in very short spurts. My father was born and raised in Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras), so I've always had a tie to this tiny little island in the Caribbean. In previous trips, I was subject to the activities my father’s family had laid out prior to my arrival. This time was different because I was making the itinerary; I was seeing the island in a completely different view and truly through the eyes of a coffee professional. Puerto...

The Art of Cupping Coffee

January 21, 2014 Chris Vigilante

The Cupping process was developed to evaluate and compare different coffees on an even playing field. Because the differences between great coffees can be very delicate, characteristics of those coffees (flavor, body, acidity, finish etc.) can be easily influenced by the way the coffee is brewed. By eliminating some of these variables, coffees can compete on the basics of their own inherent nature.   Need to know terms:  Aroma: The aroma of a coffee has a lot to do with the coffee's flavor profile. The aroma comes from the gas that is released while brewing the coffee. Taking in a big...

HAWAII TO DC: The Vigilante Coffee Story

August 08, 2013 Chris Vigilante

WTOP Radio took a minute to sit down and hear the Vigilante story from Hawaii to Washington DC and beyond.  Hit the link to read the full story about how Chris Vigilante learned coffee from the tree to the cup in Hawaii and used that knowledge to build Vigilante Coffee: Washington DC's first third wave coffee roaster.   WTOP dives deep about the culture of DC's coffee scene and the future of Vigilante Coffee and how it hopes to transform the nations Capital into the Vigilante Coffee District.