What You'll Need

Aerobie Aeropress & Filters
Kettle (preferably goose neck)
Hot,Filtered Water (195F)
Scale capable of measuring grams
Grinder (preferably a burr grinder)
19 grams fresh coffee

How to Do It

Wet The Filter

Place a filter in the filter holder and wet with hot water, then attach to the brewing chamber.

Grind The Coffee

We recommend using a burr grinder at a medium setting.  Once ground, it should look like sand.


Prepare to Brew

Add ground coffee to the brew chamber, shake to level the grounds, and set the whole thing on top of preheated mug.

Let It Bloom

Wet the grounds, adding 80g of water to start. Gently stir the slurry. Let it rest for 50 seconds.  This process (called the “bloom”) releases CO2 from the beans and improves taste and consistency.

Finish The Pour & Plunge

After the bloom, begin pouring again at a gentle, but steady rate until the scale reaches 310g.  Carefully attach the plunger to the brew chamber and when the timer reaches 1:45, slowly plunge into preheated cup.. Aim to fiinish this at 2:15.  Enjoy!

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